The Beauty in the Beef

For the love of South Dakota Beef

Roast Beef ‘lil grillers


Cold weather and comfort food cravings are among us.  Nothing satisfies these cravings like a hot soup and sandwich combo.  So simple and satisfying, this classic duo simply can’t be beat!  With all family favorite recipes, it’s always refreshing to find new ways to present them.  This quick and easy twist on the grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect way to get the kids in the kitchen.  Let’s make family mealtime less of a chore and more of a memory! Have fun with this recipe and enjoy!

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4 slices whole grain bread
softened butter
deli-style roast beef
4 slices of cheese
Soup to serving with

1. Using a rolling pin, flatten bread slices. Tip: let the kiddos help here!


2. Lightly butter one side of the flattened bread.

3. Flip bread and top with roast beef and cheese.


4. Starting at one end, roll up bread and place in a heated skillet.

5. Quarter turn sandwiches as they grill on each side until fully cooked.

6. Serve with your favorite soup and enjoy!


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