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Get Your Grill On

After a torturous sprinter season (spring+winter), I am confident that warm weather and sunshine is finally here! So let’s dust off the patio furniture, get our flowers planted and expose our poor pasty-white legs to some beautiful South Dakota rays!!  This time of year is full of little things that seem so uplifting; driving with your windows rolled down, evening walks after supper, going outside without a coat?!  All of these things are simply wonderful, but the one thing that really gets me excited- grilling season!

There’s just something about the first grill of the season…

The aroma of fresh grilled burgers and steaks is second to none.  Think about it, your out for an evening walk and the neighborhood is filled with the mouthwatering goodness of grilled beef.  It’s not mistaken for anything else. We know it and we love it.  We could go on for days about the reasons we love grilling season, so I thought I’d list my top 10.  Here they are:

Top 10 Reasons I Love Grilling Season

10. I no longer have to scrub the broiler pan. (anyone else hate this as much as me?)


8. You must keep a cool drink in hand (in case of fire, of course)

7. My husband actually helps with supper!

6. Veggies always taste better off the grill (Am I right?!)

5. Keeps my kitchen cool & clean!!

4. It’s a very healthy way to prepare Beef for my family

3. I can work on my tan while cooking

2.  Scorched or grilled to perfection, I hear “Mmmm, something smells good”

1. BEEF…It’s what’s on the grill.

All humor aside, grilling truly is one of the most economical and nutritious ways to prepare beef for your family.  I always try and throw a few extra pieces of meat on the grill to make a second meal out of.  Burgers always re-heat well (always reheat leftovers to 160 degress) and steaks are great to slice up thin for wraps and salads.  And while your at it, don’t hesitate to throw a tinfoil pouch of fresh veggies drizzled with olive oil and some fresh herbs or fresh fruit as well (grilled pineapple is my personal favorite!).

And if I haven’t given you enough benefits to grill up some beef, May is Beef Month in SD as well as National Burger Month.  So, what are you waiting for– Go get your grill on! 

Here’s a Tip: Wanna get the best deals on your beef this summer?  Text “SDBeef” to 69866 to receive notifications when your local Hy-Vee is featuring great Beef sales!

For some wonderful grilling recipes including marinades, rubs, side dishes and more, visit:

Fuel Fitness with Lean Beef

I came across an article today that listed the “Top Ten Fitness Foods for Active Women“.  Instantly intrigued, I clicked the link.  I was thrilled to find that the #1 food listed, was lean red meat!! As a nutritionist in the beef industry, you can’t help but get a smile on your face and throw a fist into the air when you see articles like this show up in credible health and wellness publications!  So often are we weighed down and consumed by the negative publicity, that we overlook the great positive messages, such as this one!

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine emphasizes the benefits of iron, zinc, protein and vitamin B12 that are found in lean read meat.  All of these nutrients are essential for fueling your body through a physical lifestyle.

Many individuals may find that they are experiencing increased levels of fatigue and tiredness -which is common symptom of anemia.  Anemia, which is a lack of oxygen in the blood supply and other body tissues including muscles, can make training very difficult.  Female athletes, in particular, are at even higher risk of iron deficiency.  Girls ages 9-16 (75%) and adult women (50%) consume less than the recommended amounts of iron.  The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of iron is 18mg per day.

Beef is the most readily available source of iron in the American diet.  In addition, iron from beef and other animal sources is more easily absorbed than iron from plant foods.

A single 3oz serving of beef such as sirloin, top round steak or lean ground beef can contain up to 2.9mg of iron.  To increase the absorption of iron in your diet, be aware of food which can block iron absorption.  These foods include coffee, tea, whole grains, bran, legumes and spinach.  By pairing these foods with iron rich choices, you can easily maximize your iron absorption.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • 3oz Grilled Sirloin Strips with Spinach Salad
  • 95% Lean Ground Beef Hamburger Patty on a Whole Wheat Bun
  • 3oz Top Round Steak with Brown Rice & Garbanzo Beans

If you are a physically active individual, females especially, and are experiencing increased levels of fatigue- evaluate your daily iron intake.  There is a good chance that you are not meeting the requirements.  And for those of you who are, continue to fuel your healthy physical lifestyle with the many nutritional benefits of lean beef.

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