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For the Love of Beef

Hello, my name is Briana Burgers and I am a nutritionist for the South Dakota Beef Council- my official title is “Nutrition Assistant & Director of Online Communications”.  First and foremost, I would like to clear up any confusion.  Yes, my last name truly is Burgers.  I was recently married and ironically enough was employed by the Beef Council shortly after, coincidence or fate- either way, I am thrilled to be on board and I love my job!!

So what does a nutritionist exactly do for the Beef Council?  Good question.  I had a similar thought the first time I met my, now boss and often referred to as sister, Holly Swee.  Holly and I are both work together to promote the nutritious benefits of beef in our diets.  We work primarily with health care professionals, along with educators and the food service industry.  All of these areas combined make a very large population of individuals that we try and reach out to as a credible and knowledgable resource for the Beef Industry.  We each have home offices, but spend a signifiant amount of time out in the community doing a wide variety of industry relations and promotions.  You may spot one of us at a health fair event, county or state fair, grocery or retail store, or tv and radio!  So as you can imagine, our jobs keep us very busy with each day brining something new and different!

I was recently brought onto staff to primarily help develop the online image of the SD Beef Council.  As we all know, this is an area that has completely taken over and let’s just say we were a little behind our time at the SDBIC :).  But need not fear, the board is full of very open minded and innovative individuals who are truly passionate about the beef industry and work very hard to do the best they can with check off funding (insert- Me!).  So far on my virtual journey, I have created a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest page and of course, this blog! All of which can be accessed by a brand spankin’ new website (coming soon!).  The social media accounts (Facebook,Twitter & Pinterest)  all contain up to date industry information, a ton of great recipe ideas, nutrition facts and other fun information for Beef lovers:) Be sure to follow/like them all if you haven’t already!!

So that brings me to this blog… What is “The Beauty in the Beef” all about?

Well, what you’re going to find on this blog is daily/weekly posts from yours truly, discussing current topics in the beef industry (the good, the bad & the ugly), new research, upcoming events, delicious recipe ideas for upcoming holidays and events, highlighting the wonderful producers in our state, and so much more!  Another exciting part of this blog will be an opportunity for all of you to either post your own thoughts/comments (all kind ones, of course!) on my blogs as well as having the opportunity to share your very own Beef story!  If you would like to be featured as a “Guest Blogger” and share a story, recipe, biography of your farm/ranch, etc. just send me an email ( and I will work with you to help spread the love for South Dakota Beef!

Well, I think I have blabbed enough for Day 1!  But you will be hearing from me again very soon!

-Briana Burgers


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